Advanced Life Support (ALS) courses

    Dear Colleagues,

    With the cooperation of the Resuscitation Society and the European Resuscitation Council (ERC), Advanced Life Support (ALS) courses are arranged with European standards in our country.

    With the aim of consolidating information during anesthesiology specialization, specialization in other areas, during medical education or after specialization, intensive care, emergency service and general risky patient care, ERC-ALS courses will contribute very significantly to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training and are provided by clinicians with ERC-ALS Trainer certification in our country.

    Developed in accordance with the European Resuscitation Council 2015 guide, those wishing to apply for these advanced life support provider courses, firstly need to register in the system on the European Resuscitation Council website at the address In accordance with the standards of these courses organized in Europe, registration through the ERC is mandatory.

    The course participation fee is 1500 TL and it is necessary to attend the full two days for ERC advanced life support courses. Those successful at the end of the course will be given an ERC-ALS provider certificate valid for 5 years. Those registering through the ERC and paying the course fee into the bank account below will obtain the course booklet before attending to facilitate preparation for the course.

     (For registration, after the address opens, click on the ‘course calendar’ at the bottom of the page and choose ‘Turkey’ as country to see the dates and locations of the courses and click the relevant box – the system will direct you in this way).

    Please first complete registration, then pay the course fee, and finally send your receipt for payment to the course director (by fax or email). If those registered in the system do not deposit the course fee they will be deleted from the system. Those who only pay the fee but do not register for the course will not be able to take the course as they will not be visible in the system. As a result, please complete the registration procedure as stated.

    Detailed information about the courses can be accessed from and the TARD website.

    Do not forget to add your name-surname and a mobile telephone number where you can be reached to your receipt for payment.

    Bank account information for the course fee

    TR53 0004 6013 8688 8000 0499 72
    You can call the relevant course director with any problems related to the course or application.